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Jen's Doppleganger.


Sustainable Solution to Global Energy

 The country of Iceland generates 55% of its energy needs using GEO THERMAL ENERGY.  This source of energy is truly in-exhaustable.  

They have been doing this since the early 80s and they use the heat under the volcanoes.  With modern materials and engineering, would it not be possible to do this anywhere?.   It requires pipes to go down into the earth surface 2 kilometers.  

 Why don't we do this ?????????????????????


Einstein's theory of Relativity Presentation. 

einstein.jpgAlbert Einstein is revered as one of the greatest thinkers of all time.. So what did he think about anyway ? 

First of all, he was a theorist, he did not work in the lab but did thought experiments in his mind and was able to arrive at some astonishing conclusions which created his eternal fame.   Not only were the ideas radical but he was able to prove them using astronomical data that was available at the time.  In 1915, he was able to calculate the "exact" motion of Mercury around the sun.  Newton's theory of gravity was close, but astronomers had detected in the late 1800s a very slight deviation from Newton's theory.. to be precise, the perihelion of Mercury's orbit around the sun was precessing at 43 seconds of arc per century. 

How the astronomers were able to determine this minute motion is hard to understand itself,  that would be only .00007 degrees per year.  Anyway Einstein theory of gravity predicted exactly this motion.  He figured it out by observing that one could not tell the difference between gravitational force and inertial force ( the force felt in an accelerating vehicle ) and then calculating the mathematical ramifications of this observation. 

I believe that the precise theory of gravity is needed in cell phones to make the GPS work as accurately as they do. 




Favorite photos .. 

Image Gallery of rings of Saturn from space probe - some photos taken only several hundred miles from the rings. 



Feature Article - Animals Transition to Land -- The Native American View:


What is this Animal?

The ceramic was created by a Native American in the Southwest.. but what does it represent?

It appears to be a fantasy animal  adapted to water.  It has four appendages which appear to be remnants of flippers with four digits (claws)  which give the appearance of being able to walk on a surface.

It also has a large tail which might be used for propulsion in water.

The horn for a snout is probably a total fantasy where the the artist is representing the creatures ability to announce its new form.

I mused for many years over this creature .. and then, because of recent paleontological discoveries I was able to at last realize what it represented.  ( see below ) .




Acanthostega gunnari

This is a rendition of an animal recently discovered that lived 350 million years ago in the shallow seas of that period. 

It is believed that it a precursor of the first land animals because of its ability to walk along the bottom surface of the shallow water it inhabited.

Notice the astonishing feature of 8 digits (toes)  having replaced what were once fins, providing the animal with the ability to walk and dig for food on the bottom.. and with the large tail it could propel itself through the water.


The similarities in the above creatures I interpret as representing the Native American ability, as a supreme naturalist, to intuitively imagine the features of the creatures that first began the transition from sea to land.

The large tail in combination with fins having transformed genetically to have digits -  an even number which would be the natural genetic aberration.   The 5 digits that animals have to day would have come later where possibly 2 of the digits fused to create the adaptive advantage of an opposible thumb for grasping.. and the remaining 2 digits having been lost to atrophy.. it appears the Native American missed the 8 count but did at least represent an even number ..


 The photos below are linked to pages that they represent.

 Oneness Reunion   Hang gliding launch
 The Great People of the Oneness Family School - from the 20 year reunion. Congratulations to Andrew for creating something that truly touches the heart.  So rare in this lifetime.    Training hill for hang gliding.. can you see the wind?
 This is a calculator which tracks the shadow of a sun dial as a function of latitude and date. It also gives the time of sunrise and sunset.    Stories about John Smith and the Virginia Powhatan Indians, taken from original sources ca 1610. These are some wild stories and more are being added all the time.

Photos of world class art taken at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk near my condo.   Molly as cowgirl on Villas Caldera. Make sure to look at the full size photos as this is a remarkable impression of the Caldera in New Mexico, 56 square miles of grass where Molly worked for 3 years.





 Dave and Bryce, November 2008

  I have always loved this song by Jefferson Airplane.  I met  Paul Kantner, one of the band members,  at a parent gathering at St John's 


 Some photos of Steve Padgett and Favorites

Steve and kids at Molly's graduation.Steve, Dave, Molly, Dana at Molly`s graduation


   Steve at 63
 Steve at Work    Dave and Steve

  Molly and Dana at Dave's wedding Molly and Dana at Dave`s wedding


Dana at Molly's graduation.   Dana at Molly`s graduation


 Molly, Dana, Meg at Molly`s graduation


 Molly at St John`s graduation 2003

Molly 2003 at St John's graduation.

 Ann, Dana, Meg  

  Steve at 1 yearSteve at one year in Panama.








Steve at 21.

Steve 1967

Landing field at Woodstock Virginia.  I flew there in August 2008 and had a 3 hour flight.  Depicted is my usual landing pattern.  While making turns I will loose as much altitude as necessary to hit the spot depicted.  The danger is coming down too soon and hitting the trees, or coming too high and flying past the end of the field ( 250 yards long ) .. this is no problem for me as I have a technique worked out with my Falcon glider. .. I have seen both types of errors made.



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